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Reviewing sites are becoming much common these days. The main reason is that consumers prefer to learn about other people’s user experience before purchasing a product. Similarly, the global community usually voices out in favor of or against the products as well.

Thus, a developer may prefer developing such a site for better Ad earnings and projection. However, selecting the appropriate review plugin is crucial to help you achieve the ends you desire. In this case, the WP Review is an excellent plugin to consider.

Here, we will discuss the important factors related to this plugin, offered by MyThemeShop.com.

Key Features of WP Review Plugin

Numerous aspects set this plugin apart from most competing plugins. Below, we list some of these key features:

  1. You can add any rich snippets to the review. The plugin offers you a choice of a total of 19 key rich snippets, which can increase the visibility of your content.
  2. The plugin makes development very easy by offering 16 predefined designs to the developer. Thus, you can select the design that suits your needs and then customize it further.
  3. The plugin does not restrict you to a single rating system. Instead, you can get diverse rating methods, including percentages, thumbs, and circles.
  4. The user can comment on his rating as well. This way, you know the exact reason a particular user voted in a certain way regarding a product.
  5. The plugin works perfectly with every major WordPress theme.
  6. You can integrate Google Places to the plugin in a few simple clicks. Additionally, Facebook Reviews and Yelp Review integration is also possible.
  7. The user may generate a comparison table of the reviews of different products. Thus way, the products become more useful to the user.
  8. You may add a popup or notification bar as well.
  9. The system integrates perfectly with WooCommerce, allowing the best reviews for your shop products.
  10. The system is user-friendly, making it easier to use and ensure that most clients leave a review.

Additionally, the code is clean and free of any vulnerabilities. The developers have optimized it to ensure maximum speed and best performance. You may also translate the reviews directly from the plugin to any of the supported languages. Likewise, the developer-friendly coding allows you to modify or add any new features as you wish. In case you need help in installing or using the plugin, you may contact the customer service of MyThemeShop.com that is available 24/7 to help its customers. The product also offers you a custom widget to ensure maximum usability.

The Pricing And Specifics

You may check the working demos of the product before purchasing it from MyThemeShop.com. These demos display a few of the numerous possible styling options. The following aspects make the plugin a better choice compared to its competitors:

  1. Despite minimal knowledge of coding and specifics, you can easily use the plugin during your website’s development.
  2. You get a lot more features than what most other review plugins offer.

The current pricing of the product is as follows:

  1. You may purchase the single site, single product access for one year of updates at 77 USD per year. The current sale price lowers it to only 37.73 USD per year. 
  2. You may extend the single product purchase to 3 sites for 47.53 USD per year currently, while the unlimited site usage of the product for a single year will cost you 52.43 USD per year.
  3. On the other hand, you may purchase a website membership. Here, you can get a single site membership for all the themes and plugins offered by MyThemeShop.com for a price-tag of 99 USD per year. There is no sale price offered for this membership currently.

Final Thoughts on WP Review

WP Review is an excellent plugin to add an amazing rating and review system to your WordPress website. Try the plugin now and let us know your experience in the comments section.

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