Socially Viral WordPress Theme Review

Choosing the right design can make your site reach its envisioned potential. Different themes generally suit more different usage. However, one niche where many people remain confused about which theme to use is viral material. In other words, a website that contains viral and engaging content can make the theme choice harder.

Thus, we will review one of the best viral themes in the market here in this article: Socially Viral by; the article will consider the following topics in this order:

  1. Pricing
  2. Features
  3. Success Stories

Socially Viral by MyThemeShop


The best access you can get for socially viral is three websites, which costs you 59 USD for a single product. However, the price includes only one year of updates and support. Additionally, you can reduce to 1 site access for 35 USD and unlimited sites access for 77 USD as well. These are the current sale prices, which are approximately 10 USD less than the product’s normal price.

You may also purchase a site-wide membership that allows you to use all themes and plugins for a specific number of websites. The first package starts at 99 USD per year, where you get everything for one year. Similarly, you can extend it to three websites for 197 USD per year. The Unlimited Sites usage package comes at a price tag of 420 USD per year.


Socially Viral is the best theme when it comes to increasing your website’s traffic organically. The website named can generate 35 million USD per year, which uses a much similar theme. The best part about socially viral is how easily it helps you reach the 100,000 unique visitor daily count. Generally, many people can get the count is a minimal time using this theme. Some of the prime features of the platform are as follows:

  1. The theme fully optimized your website posts for social sharing. Thus, it makes it easier for you to get organic followers to form social media platforms.
  2. The sharing becomes easier with social media icons as well.
  3. You can show trending posts on the platform easily.
  4. Integration with social media is also possible.
  5. It supports the insertion of AdSense advertisements with maximum visibility.
  6. You may incorporate four different loading effects on this theme.
  7. Newsletter plugins integrate well with Socially Viral.
  8. The theme has fast loading and is completely responsive to different platforms.
  9. The posts automatically search engine optimized by the themes, requiring no extra outside effort.
  10. You can create posts in multiple formats, including video posts and image posts.
  11. Developers may modify the code of the theme as it is clean and developer-friendly with proper documentation.
  12. You can use shortcodes and also translate the theme at a single click.

Apart from the core development features, the theme also supports the right to left writing. Additionally, you can update the theme with a single click. For most developers without proper coding knowledge, it is possible to use background and development options from the options panel to optimize the code. Also, the code provides you multiple layouts as well. Thus, you can change the design of most pages with a single click.

The team of offers you dedicated support 24/7. Also, you get extensive documentation on how to install, optimize, and customize the theme. In cases where you need more help, a video tutorial is available as well.

Success Stories

The website named was able to get 100 million visitors in 6 months using the theme. Additionally, the website later sold for USD 100 million as well. Currently, most websites using the theme can reach 100,000 unique visitors in much less time than websites using competing themes.

Final Thoughts on Socially Viral WordPress Theme

If you wish to create a viral website, Socially Viral is the right theme for you. It can help you reach a huge organic user count in minimal time. Let us know if you liked the theme as well.

Whether you are focusing your efforts on WordPress, content writing or social media, it’s always a good idea to stay up to date on the latest trends and industry tools.

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