5 Reasons Why WordPress Site Owners Should Switch to Rocket.net?

Choosing the right hosting services for your Website is extremely important to get the best performance. Additionally, the decision can impact your search engine rankings, your organic traffic, and your website’s visibility. This decision becomes increasingly important when you consider a WordPress platform.

Although many developers’ preferred choice, WordPress requires a specialized set of hosting services and features to ensure optimum performance. Concurrently, transferring your current website to WordPress may become a difficult decision if ample information is not available regarding the recommended hosting service. Here, we shall analyze the five prime reasons for a WordPress site owner to consider switching to Rocket.net optimized WordPress hosting.

The article will consider the following five aspects of this order:

  1. The Statistics Support the Decision
  2. The Software and Dashboard
  3. It protects your pocket!
  4. Exceptional Support – Your Prime Success Partner.
  5. The Customers Say So!

The Statistics Support the Decision

The internet is a numerical world. Statistics, time counts, and numbers decide how things flow on the internet. As such, we can not advise you to shift your website hosting until we have statistical data to support our advice. According to the world-renowned website, WP Beginner, Rocket.net’s WordPress optimized hosting services receive a perfect 5-star rating during expert analysis.

Moreover, experts support a particular aspect of this website hosting. First, the hosting is high-speed and provides complete management of WordPress solutions. Thus, the owner does not have to bear the burden of managing the service-side site optimization aspects. Additionally, the page load speed is as low as 588ms, which is comparatively much better than most WordPress optimized hosting services. Also, you get an exceptional response time of only 2.9ms. In other words, the response time for your WordPress website will fall to one-fifth of a second.

Furthermore, performance test statistics also support the usage of the platform. The exceptional caching services and page management firewalls allow a page size of less than 200kbs, while less than 20 requests process for each WordPress website’s initial load. Such statistics ensure the top-notch performance of your website.

Additionally, the server does not limit such exceptional performance to a single location. Instead, you get the same quality service in every inhabited continent. Thus, shifting to Rocket.net WordPress hosting offers you A+ performance in every sense of the word.

The Software and Dashboard

One issue that most WordPress website owners face with most services is the ease of dashboard usage. In most cases, the control panel or other dashboard system’s software is too complicated and lacks user-friendliness. It becomes difficult for most WordPress website owners to manage their websites and server resources efficiently.

On the other hand, Rocket.net offers a customized design for their WordPress optimized hosting services. The top-priority of this design is user-friendliness: it provides you every information that you require right in front of you.

Consequently, WordPress website owners who may not be well-versed in using complicated server-side technology can still check their daily visitor count, their disk space usage, bandwidth usage, and speed of their website quickly. Similarly, you can also monitor the top IP addressed that visited your websites. Thus, the Rocket.net dashboard’s usage and handling are much better than most rival WordPress Optimized Hosting services.

It protects your pocket!

Yes! Rocket.net WordPress optimized hosting solution is much cheaper than most competing services.  You can get as many as 25 WordPress website installations for as low as 166 USD per month. This aspect means that you pay as low as 6.64 USD per month per WordPress optimized website hosted on your Rocket.net hosting.

Comparably, these rates are much cheaper than most competing services. In most cases, the lowest you can go is a two-digit dollar figure that you need to pay every month for each website. This aspect does Rocket.net the recommended website hosting service for small and medium scale businesses. Such business owners should shift to WordPress Optimized hosting offered by Rocket.net to save their money and invest it elsewhere.

Exceptional Support – Your Prime Success Partner.

Most WordPress developers and site owners require an efficient support team available from the Hosting Provider. Such customer support ensures that any website or Webhosting issues can be removed instantly. Otherwise, the website’s customers and users may take a highly negative impression of the service quality being offered by the website. If you are a WordPress website owner who needs such efficient customer support, consider transferring now to Rocket.net WordPress Hosting services.

The company ensures that you get the best customer support offered by any platform. You can use a ticket-based or email support system, where the agile team of Rocket.net answers your queries readily. However, they provide a dedicated and complete knowledge base to their customers as well. As such, each customer can surf the easy-to-use and detailed knowledge base to find answers to the most common WordPress website issues. 

Additionally, you can contact their live chat support, and a chat agent will help solve your issue. If they can not help with the issue directly, they will guide you to escalate your request to the core team. Thus, the customer gets the best support with the best service.

The Customers Say So!

The best way to analyze whether you need to shift to a different website hosting service is to consider their current customers’ reviews. Despite its minimal time in the market, Rocket.net has garnered the trust of most WordPress website owners who have hosted their websites on their network.

Trust Pilot ratings suggest that their servers are the fastest and most optimized for WordPress websites. Additionally, their readily available support team takes pride in guiding you to improve your website exceptionally. You can also get a better quality service than a VPS at a much cheaper price tag. 

The global reach and numerous physical locations of the servers entice many WordPress website owners. Such locational benefits increase the speed of content delivery everywhere. Thus, you get a service that gives you the best output for the best price.


The above mentioned five reasons are just some of the many reasons you can consider while deciding to switch to Rocket.net WordPress optimized hosting solution. We recommend the hosting due to its exceptional quality, reliability, and fast support. Do let us know your experience with Rocket.net in the comments section.

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