Rocket Hosting Web Hosting Review

High-end website hosting services can boost the performance and placement of your website. Additionally, they can use your website to gain a better SEO rank. Most customers prefer fast websites and do not take much time to load and perform. Thus, every website developer is continually looking for alternative hosting packages that can provide them the best speed and performance in the least amount.

In this article, we shall review one such hosting that is relatively new: Rocket Hosting.

Despite being new to the market, the hosting service provides excellent features and a considerable performance booster to put your website on the right track. Additionally, they have some features unique to their packages.

What plans does the Rocket Hosting offer?

Rocket Hosting focuses on a particular niche of developers: the SSD lovers! Yes! The hosting service focuses on providing only SSD based hosting. To those unaware, Solid State Drives are much faster than the traditional hard disk drives. Thus, even with lesser storage space, your website’s performance is many times better than regular hosting. Here is the complete breakup of the various packages offered by Rocket Hosting:

  1. The primary 1 GB package starts with a minimal price tag of 5 USD per month. For this 5 USD, you get unlimited bandwidth and the ability to create 15 email-addresses. Additionally, you get 1 GBPS uplinks to ensure the best speed and performance of your website. Furthermore, you can create 10 MySQL databases in this package. The user many also part 10 addon domain and get 24/7 technical support from the team of Rocket Hosting.
  2. The 2 GB package contains similar features as the one GB package. However, it comes at a 9 USD monthly price tag for an additional 1 GB of SSD storage space.
  3. The 5 GB package increases the storage space to 5 GB of SSD storage for a price tag of $19 per month.
  4. The major changes come with the 10 GB package. This package allows you to have a 10 GB storage space, along with the ability to create 25 databases and park 25 addon domains. Furthermore, you can easily create 50 e-mail addresses with this storage system.
  5. The 25 GB SSD storage offers you the same features as 10 GB SSD storage, with an increase of 15 GB storage space. The price tag is 40 USD per month.
  6. The final package, costing 100 GB SSD storage, comes at a price tag of 60 USD per month. This package offers you the ability to create 100 databases and park 100 addon domains. Additionally, you get the ability to create up to 500 email addresses with this package.

Other Features Offered by Rocket Hosting

The speed of your website also depends on the location of your data center. The physical location is crucial in determining the data area before reaching your customer digitally. Additionally, local SEO depends on such characteristics of the data. Rocket Hosting increases your ability to benefit from the data center locations by allowing you to choose between 6 different data centers run by the company. You can choose to place your website data in New-York US, Orlando US, Dallas US, Toronto, CA, London UK, and Silicon Valley, the US. This way, you can place your website exactly where your customers reside. However, such placement may not be beneficial to developers originating from South Asia or Australia.

Additionally, the firm offers a response cPanel Dashboard system. Their redesigned dashboard makes it fairly easy for even a newbie to locate important resources. Additionally, it conveniently presents useful characteristics on the website as well.

Premium add-ons include the ability to purchase dedicated IP addresses for your hosted websites. Additionally, you can purchase premium SSL certificates. However, this fades the benefit of Rocket Hosting as most hosting providers like HostGator, Site Ground, and Blue host offer free SSL certificates in most of their packages.

Other important features include

  1. The ability to easily install content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  2. Different forms of database connections, including SQLite, MySQLi, and PDO, apart from the traditional MySQL.
  3. PHP and Perl based development due to the server’s excellent support for these programming languages.
  4. Low Ping data centers to ensure the fastest speed for the hosted website content.
  5. Tier-1 uplink data connection to increase the speed of your website’s development and performance.

Additionally, you can register your domain directly from Rocket Hosting as well. However, the domain rates may be higher from other providers like,, or


Rocket Hosting is suitable for people who are looking for maximum speed and enhanced performance of their website. More importantly, it caters to the developers whose websites do not require much storage space. Instead, they require the best performance possible for their website. Additionally, it also suits people looking to get a competitive website hosting service on a budget.

Most people living near the datacenters can benefit from this hosting’s positive effect on their local SEO ranking. Part of these rankings includes the crucial Silicon Valley area, which can get great clients for the services they provide. The hosting also suits people who are certain of the content management platform they are willing to use. Additionally, newbie developers may benefit from the easy to use and responsive cPanel design.

However, people who live and target customers away from the datacenter locations may not benefit much from the hosting. This aspect is certainly true for people living in the Eastern part of the world. Additionally, the hosting offers restricted packages. Thus, people looking for traditional options like shared hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers must look elsewhere. The list also includes hosting resellers as well.


Rocket Hosting stirs up the market with their dedicated services and unique packages. However, it may be suitable for a specific niche of developers. Do let us know if our review helped you get a good idea of their services.

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