Rocket Host Web Hosting Review

Managing your website requires a lot of thought and consideration. You need to select the best platform for suiting your needs. Similarly, you need to select a design that best depicts your firm’s entity. However, one such decision that can be time-consuming for many website developers in selecting the right hosting. Although the choice was previously limited to just a few mega hosting companies, numerous new hosting services have now entered the market. These hosting services cater to the needs of specific niches or provide a specialized output to match consumer needs.

Here, we shall consider an in-depth review of Rocket Host, a fairly new hosting company offering specialized services.

Types of Hosting Offered By Rocket Host

The firm offers a complete range of hosting services comparable to most top-notch hosting providers. The developer may select from the following services:

  1. Shared hosting services offered by Rocket Host have a twist, as you get a powerful server unmanaged by the firm. In other words, your shared hosting has root access, which is a comparably uncommon quality in most shared hosting services.
  2. The website owner may focus on Virtual Private Hosting Services. The service is unique as the firm manages the nodes for you. However, despite this management, you still get root access to the server. This way, you do not have to deal with the server’s troublesome management, but you get complete control over most of the root services.
  3. The final offer is to select a dedicated server. These servers offer the most powerful features. Additionally, Rocket Host offers unmanaged Dedicated Servers. This way, the complete access remains with the developer to use the server any way they want.

However, unlike most other hosting services, Rocket Host offers limited choices within each hosting package.

  1. The shared hosting service of Rocket Host comes in 4 unscalable packages. The cheapest package costs 5 USD per month, while the best package, Platinum Plus, costs 15 USD per month. The best package offers unlimited website hosting and SSD hard disk space.
  2. The firm offers both Linux and Windows VPS hosting packages. The cheapest Linux package costs 25 USD per month, while the premium package costs 70 USD per month. The price range for the Windows Package ranges from 40 USD for the basic package to 100 USD for the premium package.
  3. Dedicated Hosting offers start from the price tag of only 100 USD per month and increase to 1100 USD per month. The offers include different types of CPU’s and their functionality. Additionally, there is variance in the number of cores, memory, and hard disk space available to the developer.

Other Services Offered By Rocket Host

Rocket Host also offers you the chance to get a 25 percent discount if you purchase a domain name with their system. You can get many extensions including .com, .net and .org domains. The web hosting services of Rocket Host offer the user the chance to apply for data encryption. This encryption is crucial to ensure the online sanctity of your data. Furthermore, backup and restoration services included in your website hosting package ensures maximum data protection. In cases where data may get compromised, you have the chance to claim your loss as well. 

Different packages offer the developer various technical services as well. These services include the option to develop and install different platforms for the website owner. 

Additionally, you get advanced monitoring and metrics for your website. These metrics help you to ensure the best optimization for your website’s speed. Similarly, you can check where your visitors are from and what the visitors like to read on your website.

You can also ask the support center to help you with diagnosing bugs on your website. In some cases, the owner may require expert services to identify any security or loopholes that can compromise website security. The experts assist the developer by providing in-depth information regarding these loopholes. They also suggest effective methods to prevent such loopholes from causing any major trouble.

Finally, the support center is ready to fix small site issues with which you may need help. In most cases, these services include monitoring any specific changes in the website during updates. If any of the updates turn out to be faulty, the team can help you reverse your website to its previous condition.

Client Remarks

Most customers who use the services of Rocket Host to remain satisfied with the quality and precision of the service. Testimonials on the website suggest that not only are the servers super-fast, but they are also suited to the purpose for which a developer uses them.

Additionally, clients prefer useful blogs published by Rocket Host. These blogs identify various issues faced by small scale website owners or entrepreneurs and answers these issues in detail.

Furthermore, the support team is readily available to help the clients, which increases customer satisfaction from using the service. In most cases, the support team helps to resolve the issues within one day.

Suitability of Rocket Host

Rocket Host is an all-rounder hosting provider that can meet the needs of most clients. From a small-scale developer to a larger enterprise, anyone may benefit from the ludicrous packages offered by Rocket Host. It suits the needs of any developer who needs proper hosting services that are not directed towards a single niche.

However, this hosting service may pose a problem for cloud hosting users. Most cloud hosting services cater to the needs of a particular development platform or CMS – for example, WordPress. Thus, the management of such platforms for most users may be an added problem.


Rocket Host is an excellent service for many people. Try using the service to meet your hosting needs at a budget price. Do share your reviews about the hosting service in the comments sections.

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