5 Steps to Launching a WordPress Blog in the Next Hour

Now if you are going to set up your own business, want to increase brand reputation or professional profile. In fact, you are going to set up or your own business like games, music, movies, or something else. Then obviously you need a website. 

It’s likely to be your shop window on the internet, so you want people to get the right impression.

For doing so I will suggest WordPress as it is an easier source for creating WebSites. WordPress makes it easy for newbies to create their own reliable, SEO-friendly, responsive, bug-free webpage in less than an hour – everything without understanding a single line of HTML, programming, or video chat. AND, this is free!

Head over to the following tips and start making your first website in just an hour.

Buy your domain and Webhosting

When it comes to choosing a domain and web hosting, select one with a widely known suffix like.org or.com, even though it’s a little more pricey than others, so it’s easy for users to recall and look more trustworthy.

You will need to buy space on someone else’s computer, so it’s still planning to happen. In this way, if you host a website on the local server i.e. your home PC. As we home users turn PC off after completing work. And obviously, we won’t keep it all time. So if you host your website on your personal computer. If you turn it off then your website will go offline from the internet. 

Do the setting of your hosting account.

Initially, you need to specify the site’s domain name. If you already own a domain name, you can access your DNS section as defined by the hosting server, and you’ll only need to take a few extra steps to ensure you have your DNS.

Install WordPress on your host

Various web servers often perform installing WordPress. Almost all major web hosts have a one-click WordPress installation. You need to check for a software download option and you can install WordPress from there.

All these major hosting providers have simple instructions on how to install WordPress, which is effectively a one-click download! It couldn’t have been better.

  1. Themes and plugins installations

Now you have WP installed on your server. Type site name i.e., abc.com, and after forwarding, slash type wp-admin or wp-login. For example, abc.com/wp-admin. After that, you will land on your dashboard. Then navigate to approach, and there you have option themes. 

you can install themes on WordPress in different ways. FOr example, you can upload it thought your dashboard if you downloaded the theme. And also, you can choose a free theme and plugin from the WordPress directory within the dashboard.

That is simple – essentially, they’re just software that other people have developed to make it simpler to manage the website.

The WordPress team has made it very easy to understand to create a website by getting the main files of the website coded independently from the ‘theme’ of the pages.

This means that you can build a simple website layout and quickly alter how it looks further down the road.

Too far, you can change the elements of your selected theme – color scheme, fonts, text size, style, etc. – to customize your website.

  1. Adding Your Content

When using WordPress, content can be added to the site in the form of pages and blogs. You can add static pages such as the “Services” or the “Contact” page. Pages are typically added to the main search menu. Posts are used for old content, such as news stories and blog posts.

What comes after creating your blog?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create an online presence and start sharing your thoughts online, the easiest way to do so is to create a blog. Millions of people around the world are now sharing themselves and sharing their thoughts via their personal blogs.

Suppose you’re a writer, a photographer, a developer, or just someone who likes to talk about something personal and hear other people’s opinions. A personal blog is something you might find new and exciting.   In today’s world, no special knowledge is required to build and manage your own website. There’s an easy way to create a WordPress blog in a matter of minutes.

The benefit of making your own WordPress blog, which is hosted by your own domain name, is that you’re “own”t.

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