Hosting Rocket Web Hosting Review

Web development is a diverse field that requires multiple considerations to ensure the best output. You need to select the best platform, the most suitable design, a catchy color scheme, and the right content to make your website work. Similarly, suitable hosting increases the chances of your success in the digital world. Hosting services can have a considerable effect on your website’s speed, performance, and quality. Additionally, it can affect your website’s search engine ranking and reputation.

For all these reasons, many web developers are always looking for viable options to host their websites. Here, we will review Hosting Rocket, a top-notch hosting service that provides you the perfect blend of features and characteristics.

The following aspects will be covered in the following order:

  1. Key Features That Set This Hosting Apart
  2. Plans and Pricing
  3. Process
  4. Suitability

Key Features That Set This Hosting Apart

There is numerous aspect that set Hosting Rocket apart from any other competing web hosting. Below is the list of the prominent features:

  1. The hosting offers you a dedicated solution to develop e-commerce websites. Instead of the traditional hosting dashboard, you get a customized storefront that gives you convenient methods to update your products, prices, descriptions, and features. Also, you do not need to know any particular coding knowledge to use this storefront. Instead, the entire system utilizes a drag and drop functionality offering maximum convenience to the user.
  2. You get on-demand products, which offer you the ability to add premium products to your customers. Thus, customers may decide on these products’ different aspects and place a customized order on your website. This customization does not need any separate platform. Instead, it can be managed directly from your hosting panel.
  3. A major benefit of Hosting Rocket is the inbuilt solution it provides to process payments. Generally, many web developers face a problem when they have to provide a method to process payments online. Sometimes, even their applications for the payment processing vendor gets rejected. However, Hosting Rocket solves this issue for the customers by providing an inbuilt payment processing mechanism.
  4. The websites that a user develops and hosts on Hosting Rocket can fulfill any eCommerce solution’s demands.
  5. The websites are fully responsive inherently. Thus, the developer does not need to craft separate codes for their website. Instead, the same website works well on both desktop and mobile platforms. Additionally, the website works well on other decides, such, and tablets, as well.
  6. Hosting Rocket provides high-quality customer support. Their customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you in any issues you face on the website hosting. Additionally, they can even help you in making small changes required for the website. Furthermore, they offer you the option to submit digital tickets, contact live chat support, or even get help via phone call.

Additionally, the hosting service focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction. They claim their main focus to be the best service for their customers, at the best prices. Additionally, their support services are unique to every user and business based on their needs and requirements.

Plans and Pricing

The firm offers only two plans to its customers.

  1. The LITE plan is free of cost and gives you a subdomain based on the HostingRocket account. Additionally, you get three different product campaigns. Each payout occurs after ten days of the payment that you receive from a customer. Also, the plan offers limited report generation services.
  2. The PROFESSIONAL plan offers you a 10 dollar monthly subscription service. Here, you get the chance to attach your domain to the website. Furthermore, you may run unlimited product campaigns while receiving a payout after every 24 hours. Additionally, the package offers you the chance to generate advanced reports to monitor your business well.


Hosting Rocket focuses on a dedicated approach to ensure the best product for its customers. The first phase of their process involves designing, where you can design the website and the products. Then, you get the chance to share your products and website to get visitors. Furthermore, you can track the sales and the earning from your work. Finally, you can fulfill the tasks and checkpoints that you set for the campaign. Additionally, the firm lists your store in the featured store section as well.

The signup process is easy and required a few simple steps. Additionally, you can manage your website directly from the portal of Hosting Rocket, without selecting any secondary platform to assist with the site development and management.


The hosting service is only suitable if you are planning to launch an eCommerce store—the specific features of the service suit online selling requirements. Additionally, the website designs and store management features also collaborate with the same aspect. However, the hosting service may not be beneficial for a traditional developer.

For starters, you can not attach any platform to the hosting service. Thus, bid farewell to WordPress or Joomla when developing a website on Hosting Rocket. Secondly, the offers that each package provides are specifically inclined to project an online store. The hosting service does not offer the traditional shared, reseller, VPS, or dedicated hosting services.

Instead, it caters to a niche market of web developers and store owners looking forward to establishing an online store without issues and design problems. 


Hosting Rocket is a novel service with multiple pros and cons. Its benefits are strong for fist time developers and store owners looking to bring their products to the online market. Similarly, the service is extremely useful for people who may not know to code or manage the platforms. However, the service may not benefit users who adhere to the general market and development needs. Do share your experience with the service in the comments section.

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