Host Rocket Web Hosting Review

Selecting the best hosting service is essential in determining the success of your website. Additionally, the right hosting service can act as a magnificent contribution to your website speed and performance. Many web developers are continually looking for website hosting services that can provide them the best value for their money.

One such hosting rising in the ranks amongst the preferred hosting service for many developers is HostRocket. This company, launched in 2020, provides you with some excellent packages, features, and characteristics to develop and host the best websites.

Here, we will complete an in-depth review of Host Rocket’s website hosting. This article will cover the following topics in this order:

  1. Types of Hosting Packages
  2. Additional Services you may select with Reseller Packages.
  3. Additional Services you may select with Dedicated Server.
  4. The cost of different packages offered by the Hosting Provider
  5. Additional Services by Host Rocket.
  6. Colocation
  7. Suitability of the Service

Types of Hosting Packages

Unlike many hosting providers, Host Rocket focuses directly on the high-end of the market. It provides you with the option to select between Reseller Virtual Private Server Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. This approach differs from mainstream hosting providers who allow you to select between shared and cloud hosting as the other viable options. Here are the characteristics of each package:

  1. The Reseller VPS Hosting includes the ability to act as a reseller. In other words, you can provide the hosting ahead to other people for remuneration. Additionally, it offers you scalability. Each user can select the exact amount of resources he requires with his Reseller Hosting. You can choose the basic package offering one core, 1 GB RAM, and 20 GB RAID Storage to the 24 Block Package offering 12 cores, 24 GB RAM, 250 GB RAID storage. Similarly, variations are also available in the monthly bandwidth provided by each package. You may select as low as 500 GB monthly bandwidth to a whooping unmetered monthly bandwidth. 
  2. The Dedicated Server Packages do not allow the same level of scalability to the user. Instead, there are different ready-made packages that a person may select from based on their needs and requirements. The lowest package offers 12 visible cores with 16 GB memory, while the best option provides you with the ability to get 24 visible cores and 32 GB memory.

Additional Services you may select with Reseller Packages.

Your reseller package allows you to select the type of management system you will use on your hosting back. The user may select from cPanel, WHM, and Rebranding solutions. The Rebranding solutions and WHM are free of cost, whereas the user needs to pay 14.95 USD per month to get the subscription of cPanel for their server.

Additional Services you may select with Dedicated Server.

There are numerous added services that a person can pay and purchase during their registration for the dedicated server. One such server is a dedicated IP address. Similarly, you may get a 256bit SSL certificate to complement your hosting. Additionally, it offers you the ability to register paid domains and apply for domain transfers. The service also considers the importance of backing up your data and provides you with the option to purchase the R1Soft Backup Solutions service. Finally, you need to buy cPanel separately as well to get the complete package. However, in-depth and skilled developers may not require cPanel as they can perform most actions without it. However, you must purchase cPanel if you are a novice developer.

The cost of different packages offered by the Hosting Provider

The basic single block Reseller VPS hosting costs as low as 9.95 USD per month. The price increases gradually to 239.95 per month for the 24 block package. The dedicated server packages have fixed prices. The 16 GB package will cost 119 per month, while the 32 GB package will cost the web developer 129 USD per month. However, if you purchase the dual system, you will have to 159 USD per month for the 16 GB package and 169 USD per month for the 32 GB package.

Additional Services by Host Rocket

Unlike other hosting service providers, Host Rocket takes its service a step further by providing professional website designing services. There are four different packages from which you can select the desired option:

  1. Starter design offers you basic designing services. Each additional page costs 150 USD.
  2. You can order the custom design service for 1999 USD. This service offers you perfect design according to your specific needs for ten pages.
  3. The e-commerce starter pack offers you an e-commerce solution for a beginner store. Each additional page costs you 225 USD.
  4. Finally, the eCommerce custom solution provides you the greatest flexibility when designing your eCommerce store. You get ten pages in the package and 225 USD per additional page.

Each package offers the web-developer the option to select the platform they would prefer Host Rocket to use when developing their website.


Dot Block service embedded in Host Rocket’s website hosting offers you the chance to embrace your server’s different colocations. This way, it helps you to reduce any DDOS attack and offers you the best support services. Additionally, it also includes off-site backups to avoid any issues on your site. You can restore these backups using a single click as well. In most packages, you get the secure biometric system installed. This way, it protects your data completely.

Suitability of the Service

This hosting firm is suitable for website developers who require dedicated service hosting or VPS hosting only. People looking for shared or cloud hosting can not benefit from this service. Additionally, the plethora of packages makes this service suitable for everyone. You can get a VPS service at almost the same price you pay for shared hosting.

However, most features offered for free by other hosting services need to be purchased when you opt for Hosting Rocket. For example, you need to purchase a cPanel subscription. Additionally, you may have to purchase SSL encryption with some of the packages as well. Thus, the service suits those who are extremely focused on the kinds of services they require.


Host Rocket can prove to be an amazing hosting service for many web developers—Red the review in-depth to make an informed decision. Let us know in the comments if your review helped you out.

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