5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Have a Blog

Have you ever noticed how many entrepreneurs, professional experts and CEOs have personal websites and blogs of their own these days? It’s definitely well into the hundreds of thousands.

With more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, it’s important to have your own little spot on the internet to call your own. And this is especially true for professionals and experts in the world today.

Today we are going to highlight five different reasons why starting a blog might be an excellent idea for every entrepreneur in the world today.

1 – It’s a Great Way to Grow Your Brand and Expertise

When is the last time you visit a website or blog of someone else that you admired or looked up to? It was probably just a short bit ago.

Even better, how did you feel during this process? Did it make you excited and also make you wish you had a site or your own?

If you are an entrepreneur or CEO, you should definitely have a blog of your own, as it will immediately make you stand out from the crowd and give you that extra presence you’ve been looking for.

Blogs are also great for giving you a foundation and platform to share information with others as well. You can see a perfect example of this, in this interview with Reza Satchu of Next Canada, he shares his expert opinions and expertise about entrepreneurship.

2 – A Blog is Extremely Easy to Start

One of the most obvious reasons to start a blog, is that it’s extremely low cost, fast and extremely easy to set up.

The first thing you will want to do is register a domain name (preferrably of your personal name), and then set up your web hosting. Using a company like Bluehost or Rocket can quickly set up your account and have WordPress automatically up and running.

Then, when it comes to updating your site and creating content, it’s all about walking through the process and getting familiar with it. Best of all, there are no technical, coding or design skills required.

3 – Writing Professional Content Makes You Look Better

When you are a well-known professional, CEO or entrepreneur, people want to know your story, hear your expertise and learn more about you.

This can often be published and shared through big media news outlets, but with a site of your own, you can write about whatever you like, while also building out your own content over time as well. And if you already have any type of writing experience, you should know about the benefits of proper keyword planning and writing content around keywords and search phrases that people are already looking for.

This method works extremely well, as you can put in the time and effort to actually see what type of content is already out there and ranking, while also seeing how you can update or improve it for publication on your own site.

Once you launch your blog, you will soon appreciate how quick and easy it is to start publishing content of your own.

4 – Make It Easy for Others to Find Your Social Content

If you are currently active on social media, are you sharing your content with each and every social platform out there? Many entrepreneurs like to focus their efforts on LinkedIn, but others like Facebook and Twitter.

When you have a website or blog of your own, this makes it extremely easy to post and share your content with everyone — while keeping people on your site.

Think of your blog as an initial gateway for finding all of your best content online.

5 – Protect and Improve Your Reputation Online

When someone goes to Google and searches for your name, what will they find? Is it good, is it bad, and is it information that you are currently in control of?

If you are totally in the dark about what ranks in Google for your personal name or brand, you can create a free account on a site like Zutrix, which will allow you to check and monitor search rankings in Google.

One of the best ways to have a great first impression online is to have a website, a blog and a bunch of social profiles that can be found when someone searches for your name, brand or business.

How to Get Started with Your Own Blog

If you’ve ever wanted to start a new website or blog of your own, you should have even more of a feeling to move forward with this process after reading all of the great benefits listed above.

To learn more about how to get started with a blog of your own, be sure to read through our free resource guide on how to start a blog in the next five minutes — with little to no design skills required.

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